Take Action~Contact Lawmakers

MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Here are some things you can do now

People always ask me what they can do?  Here is something we all can do that only takes 2 minutes! 

Governor Snyder 517-373-3400

Dan Wyant, Director of the DEQ 517-284-6700

Call the Governors office and the Director of the Dept of Environmental Quality Dan Wyant, and tell them:

1-  I am Against Drilling in Residential Areas.

2-  I want our Cities and Townships to have some control in the decisions of oil drilling/exploration.

3-  I want 1,500 to 2,000 foot setbacks from homes.

4-  I want notice before a permit is approved, so I have time to get a baseline test of my water well water quality.

5-  I want the state law changed, so the mineral extraction companies are required to disclose which chemicals and how much of each they use.

6- I want the Nino Homes 1-6 well in a subdivision in Shelby Township shut down permanently: Plugged, Capped and Buried!

7-  Let them know that you are paying attention to what is happening, and we all know some of these items can happen NOW (i.e. change set backs in zoned residential areas that are highly populated can happen now).

Also, you can call or send an email to your State Rep and/or State Senator and let them know you are against residential drilling.

    Click here to look up your 
    State Senators and Representatives 
    Lansing Contact Info

  • Contact State and Local Public Officials (see the link at the bottom of this page for contact info): Let them know your concerns with residential drilling and the particular site in or near your community (Shelby Township and White Lake), ask for their help. Ask them to give control back to your local officials and townships, greater set backs (1500 feet or more), no drilling in zoned residential areas and especially NOT near neighborhoods and schools, etc.
  • Keep learning, researching and asking questions: Move beyond propaganda and look for reputable information from scientific, medical and public health resources. Come to Community Forums and Town Halls
  • Talk to others about the issue/organize your school and neighbors: Help get the dialogue going in your neighborhood, school, workplace, church etc. Write a letter to the editor. Host an information meeting. Fight fear and fatalism with facts and action! 
  • Join Citizens Against Residential Drilling: Stay up-to-date, join others that care, and work together to make a difference – www.citizensard.org or follow our group on facebook Citizens Against Residential Drilling. Make a contribution to various groups to support additional expenses for appeals and lawsuits.
  • Sign petitions, collect additional signatures and return them to CARD. More importantly, volunteer to canvass or man a booth at a fair collecting signatures in your community NEXT YEAR when a ballet initiative will be introduce.
  • Support State and Local Ballot Initiatives that Promote Balanced Responsible Oil and Gas Development. Collect signatures, get out and vote! Watch for more information when this will launch!
  • Support State Legislation Against Residential Oil & Gas Drilling. Encourage your legislator to draft a bill, after all they work for you and your family.
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Action Items
Action Items
Action item put yourself on NO solicited list in Shelby Township Clerks office. CALL 586-731-5100 department 3 ext #5. Prevent unwanted solicitation & anyone else from coming to your door (including land men looking to secure your mineral rights). LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE APPROACHED OR RECEIVE ANYTHING IN THE MAIL FROM ANY OIL EXPLORATION COMPANY 
Please reach out to Rick Snyder and let him know all of your concerns and that they need to repeal section 205(2) of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act. We need him to issue an Executive Order to stop the drilling that is going on. Here is his contact info: (517) 373-3400 Governor Rick Snyder P.O. Box 30013 Lansing, Michigan 48909 
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