May 19, 2015

posted May 22, 2015, 1:33 PM by Citizens Against Residential Drilling
The members of Citizens Against Residential Drilling (CARD) are celebrating the news just received from West Bay Exploration that they have failed to find the oil they were hoping to find in Shelby Township at the Nino Homes Well 1-6. The oil well drilling operations that have invaded a residential neighborhood in Shelby Township, MI have stopped and the site will be returned to its natural state.

The abrupt drilling activity in our community caught us off guard last summer and served as a rallying point for a group of neighbors and other groups impacted by similar activity in their communities. This outcome is most welcomed by hundreds of our members and others who have worked to raise awareness of the threat this type of activity can pose in a residential area. We are relieved that this threat to our quality of life and property values is going away.

Oil and gas well drilling simply does not belong in residential areas. Rule changes by the DEQ regarding notification and tighter standards are moves in the right direction to protect the citizens of Michigan. The Citizens Against Residential Drilling (CARD) group plans to be a resource for others facing similar threats in the future and thanks our friends, supporters and members of the media who have helped raise awareness of this inappropriate activity in neighborhoods.