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Tanker at Nino Homes Oil Well 1-6

Equipment  being brought back to the Nino Homes Oil Well site in Northeast Shelby Township. Will anyone from West Bay Exploration or Michigan DEQ inform the nearby residents if the tanker will hold water, acids or oil? (May 11, 2015)

West Bay Exploration resumed work at Nino Homes 1-6 Oil Well

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Over 600 people showed up to get answers about the oil well in their community. There were so many people so upset, that a town hall meeting on the issue had to be moved to a large banquet center. (August 20th, 2014)

Shelby Twp. Oil Drilling on


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Nino Homes Well 1-6

Nino Homes 1-6 Well in Shelby Twp. Michigan. Photo was taken August 24, 2014, the day before West Bay Exploration shut down "Indefinitely" until Late Fall.

Nino Homes 1-6 Well Field Notes
DEQ field notes from August 2014, that show West Bay will return to the well Later in Fall, probably after the election.

Briarwood Preserves Condos
The Nino Homes Well 1-6 is in surrounded by houses and condos, in a subdivision in NorthEast Shelby Twp.

Getting set-up
Getting set-up for drilling.

Nino Homes Well 1-6 at night
Nino Homes Well 1-6 at night. Yes, the drilling process goes on ALL night. The noise of the drilling is 24/7.

Shelby Twp. Oil Drilling on


Kerosene, Benzene, Urea, Toluene ~
how many of those can I feed my toddler?

Stephen Colbert Grills Fracking Lobbyist Tom Ridge


Neighbors Outraged Over Oil Drilling
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Neighbors Outraged Over Oil Drilling, from WXYZ Channel 7 news. (August 19th, 2014)

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Neighbors Upset Over Oil Drilling, from Click on Detroit. (August 19th, 2014)

Township Leaders Take a Stand Against Oil Drilling
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Local leaders got together to take a stand against exploratory drilling in the community, from (August 28th, 2014)

Get the short version of Gasland
The Sky is Pink is an 18 minute documentary by Josh Fox, the director of GasLand and GASLAND2. Take 18 minutes to watch it and share it with everyone you know.

Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling – The drilling of a well that departs materially from the vertical direction. Michigan DEQ allows drilling over a mile down and a mile sideways, and in up to 8 directions from one surface well. 

Citizens Against Residential Drilling,
Oct 8, 2014, 11:22 AM